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UnrealTournament III
Date: 09.10.2007
Author: aec.Ayande
Links: Official UnrealTournament 3 WebsiteTrailers Link

Unreal Tournament 2007
Is the next game in this great and promosing series, here is some information about the game:


It runs on the very promosing and amazing Unreal 3 Engine (also see Gears Of War).
The engine is going to be in the PS3 and the XBOX 360! That engine is one of the best ever seen,
and has some really great features to it. For example it wil automatically stream the next map, this means that there wil be NO or very little waiting time between the maps (they wil give you the time to check the results and such.)! Unreal Tournament 2007 will also have a feature that gives you the ability to talk, command and ask to bots. For example if you ask (trough your headset): "Are there any enemies in that building?" They should be able to respond: "Yes, there is an enemy in the flag room.".

The Game:

The Game Modes:
Unreal Tournament will have 5 game modes that we know of, these are:
- Deathmatch
- Team Deathmatch
- Capture The Flag
- Onslaught
- Conquest also known as Unreal Warfare
DM, TDM and CTF should be know to most FPS so I am going to leave them as they are. Onslaught is a "battle" on a huge map with some very interesting vehicles, the goal here is is to take over Nodes in a connect the dot fashion to the enemy base and there destroy the Main Power Node. Conquest or Unreal Warfare is similar to Onslaught but instead of having to take control of nodes you have to do some tasks like destroying a building.

The Weapons:
There won't be any big chances in weaponry, but in this case it won't be that bad. The weapons that are confirmed are:
- The Shock Rifle
- The Flak Cannon
- The Rocket Launcher
- The Canister Gun is a new gun with a mix of The Grenade Launcher, The Spider Mine Layer and The Bio Rifle.
- The Link Gun
- The Enforcers (UT99)
- The Impact Hammer (UT99)
- The Avril
- Another new gun called The Stinger
- The Sniper Rifle
- Redeemer
- And The Target Painter
So the favourites are as expected going to stay. amüsiert

The vehicles:
There will be 9 new vehicles in Unreal Tournament 2007, the reason of 9 vehicles is that there will be a returning of The Necris (UT99). And that the Axon vehicles are with 9, so they want a more equal battle. These vichicles are confirmed:

- Scorpion
- Manta
- Raptor
- Cicada
- Paladin
- Goliath
- Leviathan
- Hellbender

- Viper
- Deathwalker

Note 1:
Each player will have a hoverboard to quickly get to the battle, you can't use weapons on the hoverboard and if you are shot you will tumble giving a good chance for the enemies.

Note 2:
The necris vehicles will be different then the Axon vehicles, but will be made equal as his counterpart.

The community was very happy to now that the stats pages are going to be able to see in the game and that you will automatically fight people that are equally as good as you. There is an option to make clanpages and every person can see and access those pages.

Final Word:
The game will be the best one yet, and will most definitely going to win a lot of awards.

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