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AYANDECLAN beat B$C and t..
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War UT99 Instagib Team vs..
aec vs. B$C3:2
aec vs. IFS10:2
aec vs. con10:0
aec vs. VvV12:9
aec vs. UTCG1018:922

Date: G: Squad: Opponent: Cnt: League: Result: Details:
10.02.09 UT99 Instagib Team hp! Spain CB 5on5 13:1 details (0)
18.02.09 UT99 Instagib Team {uTa} European Union CB 5on5 11:5 details (0)
23.02.09 UT99 Instagib Team n3w Germany CB 5on5 13:1 details (0)
02.03.09 UT99 Instagib Team pM Netherlands CB 5on5 7:4 details (0)
04.03.09 UT99 Instagib Team SQUAD European Union CB 5on5 7:11 details (0)
29.03.09 UT99 Instagib Team RAW European Union UT iTDM ZP OpenCup Spring 2009 1038:893 details (0)
02.04.09 UT99 Instagib Team UTCG European Union UT iTDM ZP OpenCup Spring 2009 1018:922 details (0)
12.04.09 UT99 Instagib Team con Poland UT iCTF Zeroping 10:0 details (0)
15.04.09 UT99 Instagib Team IFS European Union UT iCTF Zeroping 10:2 details (0)
10.06.09 UT99 Instagib Team B$C Greece UT iTDM ZP OpenCup Spring 2009 3:2 details (0)
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