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  • Files >> Unrealtournament -99
Name Description Downloads Rating DL
AdminTool33 This is a ingame admin tool for setting up your server. Follow the instructions. 5 (R)
AdminTool36 Latest version of the famous Admintool used for ingame server setup. Follow the instructions. 797
DualCore Fix If you been having problems with running ut using dualcore processor, here is the fix for you. Just replace your unrealtournament.exe file with this one and your good to go. 1 (R)
UT Demo manager 3.0 Program which makes it possible to see the files a demo needs to be played, includes many more features like demo pausing, seeking to a point in the demo. 11 (R)
UTDCv20c UTDC is a protection against hook based cheats. It is highly configurable and will detect all publicly known hook based cheats However since the detection methods are in constant development it may contain bugs!
UTPatch 436 Unrealtournament patch 436. You will at least need this patch for online gaming. 1 (R)
UTX64FIX Unrealtournant 99 x64 FIX 725
XConsole v3.11 The latest version of the console mod - change Teamsay colours, fast team change selector, game logger, turn on/off many types of console messages. Load/save 10 custom key macros. Easy Admin pages and frontend for UTPure, LeagueAS Moderator commands and League Assault CSHP. 759

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